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Therapy can change lives – physically, mentally and socially. We see it every day. This series will highlight real-life success stories (with the names changed for privacy, of course!) as retold by Enablr therapists.

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Physical & Occupational Therapy to Gain Independence and Find Purpose Again

For three years, Dee could not be on her feet without her husband by her side. She had suffered a stroke in 2017 that had left the right side of her body stiff, weak, and hard to control. Before her stroke, Dee’s favorite place to be was in her kitchen cooking and baking for her kids, grand-kids, and beloved husband. Now, she could not walk to the bathroom without assistance, let alone maneuver around her kitchen. Dee came to physical therapy with the hopes of regaining some of her independence. 





Treatment Plan

Dee made great progress.

The physical therapist worked with Dee on walking and arranged for her to be fitted for a brace. This enabled Dee to walk safely without the help of her husband.

The physical therapist taught Dee ways to move in order to compensate for the parts of her body that did not move as well after the stroke.

Dee also partnered with an occupational therapist, for fine motor skills and modifications.


Through OT, Dee was able to use adaptive kitchen tools and techniques to get back to cooking for her loved ones.

Dee now walks independently and she has found purpose again in serving her family in the kitchen. She continues with her program independently in order to maintain the success she has found through her occupational and physical therapy.

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