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Our physical health affects our mental health, our emotional well-being, and so much more. As people become more health conscious, it is important to understand the connection that physical health has on mental and emotional health as well as general well-being. Physical health has a major impact on daily functioning for people young and old. Physical therapy can move your life, as a whole, in a positive direction. Enablr makes it easy to prioritize your health and physical well-being by bringing therapy to you, at your location and at your preferred time.

Below are two real life examples of people whose lives were changed for the better after experiencing physical therapy. Em was losing her childhood to time in doctors’ offices and therapy clinics. John had lost his ability to work and to enjoy his hobby of photography.  After a short amount of time in physical therapy, both are experiencing life to the fullest. 

Physical Therapy Instills Confidence in Children in the Comfort of their Home


Em has had 13 surgeries in her life thus far, she has spent more time in doctors’ offices and various clinics than she has with her friends. Em is only 8 years old. She was born with a congenital genetic disorder that affects multiple parts of her body, some of which include limb abnormalities and growth deficiencies. This makes it difficult, and at times painful, for Em to walk, run, and play. Em’s mom knew that a comprehensive therapy would help her daughter flourish but Em and her family were feeling the strain of spending so much time traveling to clinics and appointments.

Treatment and Results

Em and her family took advantage of Enablr’s ability to bring a therapist to the home and now a therapist sees Em twice a week. They work on Em’s goals in her natural environment: her home. Em can now have therapy before, or after school, without fighting traffic, without missing class or precious time at home with her siblings. Em’s physical therapist has made therapy fun again. She has helped Em build confidence in her body and the way she moves. 

Physical Therapy to Decrease Pain and Enjoy Life Again


John works in law enforcement and has a passion for wildlife photography. His life was suddenly altered when he woke up one morning with back pain and noticed a significant change in his ability to walk. He had worked very hard to take care of his body and remain active. He tried to push through but as the week went on, the changes got worse. One of John’s good friends happened to be a doctor who understood. That insurance would not pay for an MRI until John received physical therapy. Following the doctor’s recommendation, John contacted Enablr Therapy. 

At the very first visit, the physical therapist determined that the problem was coming from an angry nerve in John’s back that caused the pain in his legs and made it difficult and unsafe to walk. Truthfully, things got worse before they got better. By the next week John experienced more back pain and had to use a walker to move around safely. He committed to physical therapy 3 times a week for 8 weeks. 

Treatment and Results

John received manual treatment including lumbar traction, soft tissue mobilization, and nerve glides to help relieve pressure on the nerves that were causing John to have trouble walking. The physical therapist progressed John through an exercise program focused on improving his ability to activate the muscles affected by the injured nerve. Eventually, John started walking a little taller. Finally, after 2 months of physical therapy, John was no longer living with back pain and is currently enjoying his hobby of wildlife photography. 

Like Em and John, many people have experienced improved physical health and better living through participation in physical therapy. Physical therapy may improve aspects of your life as well. Enablr Therapy brings therapy to you in the convenience of your own space or through online sessions. Whether you need strengthening to prevent injury, guidance in reaching physical goals, or just more convenient healthcare, a session with one of our physical therapists is sure to move your life in a positive direction.

Enablr Therapy provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to help people to all ages and abilities. We provide in-person and live-video therapy sessions for clients throughout the state of Tennessee and select states. To learn more about how Enablr Therapy works partners with you, visit our therapy services page.

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Enablr Therapy offers speech, occupational, and physical therapy to people of all ages and abilities through our school-based therapy services as well as cash-based services for individual clients. Individual clients can be seen through convenient online sessions in many states across the country.