Our Mission,
Vision, & Values


Patient Choice & Flexibility

Enablr Therapy was launched in early 2019 with the vision to innovate each phase of therapy-related services: from initially picking your own provider through receiving professional care convenient to your lifestyle and schedule.

 Our goal is to give patients increased options when addressing the mental and physical health of yourself and your loved ones. 

Our Vision

All people should have access to therapeutic resources in order to thrive.

Our Mission

Connecting our community to expert therapists through innovative solutions and quality care.

Our Values

We See Uniqueness as Potential
Treating all people as individuals with infinite possibilities. You matter.

We Enable our Community with the Power of Choice

Disregarding the status quo by using technology and creative problem solving. Dare to disrupt.


We Personalize Care to Promote Growth
Rethinking healthcare so that services truly fit each individual. We meet you where you are.


We Care about Sustainability and Lasting Impact
Listening, creating, and never stopping are what we are about. There is always more to learn and do.

Need more help? Write to us.

Whether your child stutters or has difficulty processing what others say, help is here. We have the answers you need. Enablr Therapy connects you with proven professionals who specialize in pediatric speech therapy. Through one-on-one sessions, comprehensive support, and compassionate service, we aim to make a difference in your child’s life.