Types of Speech Therapy

types of speech therapy

Speech therapy is a term referring to more than just one service. Speech and language pathologists, or SLPs, tailor their programming to fit the needs of each client. Today, we’ll explore the different diagnoses treated by Enablr-certified therapists.

Speech Therapy for Apraxia

Apraxia means that clients, usually children, have a motor disorder that makes it difficult to voice their thoughts. They know what they want to convey, but struggle to produce the proper sounds or words. This disorder may also co-occur with concerns like writing, reading, or swallowing issues. Without clinical intervention, apraxia may linger. SLPs evaluate clients for this condition, then provide guidance and helpful exercises to improve symptoms.

Aphasia Treatment

Aphasia is an acquired language disorder that results from an injury to the language center of the brain. Strokes, tumors, traumatic brain injuries, and brain infections are common causes. Those with aphasia exhibit challenges with language in many ways including speaking, reading, writing, and understanding what is said. As the mind heals and the client learns new tactics for managing their communication, both adult and pediatric clients can make great strides.

Therapy for Swallowing

While most people assume that our therapists solely focus on speaking, swallowing is another popular type of speech therapy. The fine motor control used for talking is also required for consuming food and water. Speech therapists empower children and adults by demonstrating exercises that build strength and dexterity.

Fluency Disorders and Stuttering

Stuttering usually begins in childhood, and it can be incredibly frustrating! When kids struggle to get the right words out, they may feel embarrassed or helpless. A certified SLP will help your child to control their rate of speech, monitor their breathing, and improve their fluency.


Many children struggle to pronounce certain sounds—usually “r” and “s.” These sounds may be completely dropped, added in, substituted for another sound, or distorted in some way. Speech therapists work one-on-one with these clients to overcome articulation disorders so that family and friends can easily understand them.

Speech Therapy for Late Talkers

Parents naturally grow concerned when their child misses developmental milestones. If your son or daughter hasn’t started talking, they may benefit from speech therapy. A speech therapist can encourage your infant or toddler to begin talking through a variety of interventions, including play, incorporating favorite toys, and the use of other types of communication.

Thrive with Speech Therapy

Speech therapy traditionally takes place within an office or school. Today, things have changed for the better. Enablr Therapy brings this crucial service into your home via teleconferencing. If you need speech therapy, or if your child does, we invite you to browse our network of qualified speech language pathologists. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you!

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