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Therapy can change lives- physically, mentally, and socially. We see it every day. This series will highlight real-life success stories (with the names changed for privacy of course!) as retold by our Enablr therapists. If you think that you could benefit from therapy services to improve your health and participation in everyday activities, visit our therapy services page or contact us to learn more

Physical Therapy To Get Stronger And Return To An Active Lifestyle


AJ is in his late twenties and works from home. He relies on recreation league softball and basketball to connect with his friends and to relieve stress. He was devastated when he began experiencing sharp pains in the inside of his upper leg while running. AJ was referred, by a friend, to one of our physical therapists.

Treatment Plan

On the first visit, the therapist determined that AJ had injured a muscle in his inner thigh. This made sprinting and jumping very painful. The therapist developed a plan that outlined the expected healing times and progression of exercises. An injured muscle and tendon requires rest and then proper loading in order to heal. To facilitate his recovery, AJ saw the physical therapist once a week as he increased his exercises and activity level safely.

After 6 weeks, AJ was back on the softball field and basketball court with his friends, pain free and ready to play!

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