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If there is anything 2020 taught us, it is that we can do a lot from the comfort of our own home. Many of us have learned how to successfully work from home. Many have taken advantage of in-home health care or “telehealth”, including therapy through Enablr Therapy.  Another thing we can do from home is an effective exercise routine. Children, adults, and older adults all need physical exercise to remain healthy. Keep in mind, exercise is not just for physical gains. Exercise can boost the immune system, improve mood, help with sleep, and speed up the metabolism. Despite what you may have heard before, exercise does not have to be complicated. Below is a great exercise program you can do from home in approximately 30 minutes. 

A good exercise program targets both the upper body and lower body. It is also important to incorporate some sort of cardiovascular exercise, and a recovering or rest day every week. This program is made with adults in mind. As you are doing this routine, remember that it is important to rest at least 1 minute in-between each set of strength exercises. This gives the muscles time to recover. Another tip is to continue to breathe through the entire movement, do not hold your breath. Below is a simple yet effective home exercise program that can be done 3-4 times a week. 

Home Exercises

Difficulty can be adjusted by how shallow you dip


First up, a personal favorite, squats.

The squat targets almost all of the muscles in our lower body. It is an extremely functional move and can be made easier or harder with just a few changes. Do you have aches and pains with a squat? Modify by making your squat more shallow. Too easy? Pick up a household object like a can of paint or a gallon jug filled with water to make your squats more challenging. 


Similar to the squat, a push up is an extremely effective exercise for the upper body because it targets multiple muscle groups in our arms and back. Remember to keep your hands below your shoulder and your core engaged as you lower yourself to the ground and then push your body back up. One way to make a push up easier is to lower yourself to your knees or to do it standing at a wall. 

Our second leg exercise is a wall sit.

Wall Sit

Just like the squat, you can make this easier or more difficult by changing the depth. You can target the core during the wall sit by grabbing a ball and adding in trunk rotations. Start by holding the wall sit 15 – 20 seconds, 3-4 times. As you get stronger you can try holding the wall sit 30 – 45 seconds. 

Our second upper body exercise is a bent over row. 

Bent-Over Row

Second Position
First Position

This is great for your back and shoulder blade muscles. A chair can be used in place of a bench and once again, a paint can or gallon jug filled with water can be used to add weight. Keep your core engaged and make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together before rowing/ lifting the weight up. A good starting point is 2 sets of 8. As you get stronger you can pick a heavier object or do more repetitions with lighter weight, like 3 sets of 12. 


Last but not least, cardiovascular exercise. This means getting your heart rate elevated. Never underestimate the significance of a power walk. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and your body moving. It is low impact, therefore easier on the joints. The faster you go, the more challenging. Start with a 15-minute walk, 3 days a week. Add 5 minutes to your walking routine every week and soon enough you will be up to 30 minutes. Another option and a personal favorite is utilizing the stairs in your home. Going up and down a flight of stairs several times is an effective way to challenge your cardiovascular system. This does not have to be fast. Take your time and make a goal to go up and down the entire flight 3 times. When this begins to feel easy, bump it up to 5.

Consistency and Results

There you have it! It is short and simple, and very effective. Do this series of exercises 3- 4 times a week and you should notice results in 4 weeks. Once again, remember to incorporate a day of rest into your weekly schedule as well so your body can have time to recover. 

Making your health a priority and getting your body moving should not be complicated. If it does feel difficult to you, or if you are experiencing other setbacks, like pain with exercise, please reach out to our Enablr Therapy team. Our therapists make getting healthy, fun and convenient in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule! Until then, enjoy your new exercise routine! 

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