Therapy Services
Pricing Breakdown


Pricing: What Makes Our Payment Model Different?

  • Freedom from insurance restrictions

  • Power of choice: pick your therapist, time, and place

  • One-on-one personalized care

  • Auto-pay accepting HSA, FSA, credit card, and ACH payments

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Our innovative, cash-based approach to therapy opens new avenues for both clients and providers.

Enablr Therapy’s Cash-Based
Virtual Speech Therapy
Traditional Clinic-Based Speech
Therapy That Accepts Insurance
Time 1-Hour Virtual Session 1-Hour Session
Waiting Room Time
20- to 30-Minute Drive To Clinic
20- to 30-Minute Drive to Home
Cash for Services $120 Typically $20 - $125

Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Insurance Deductible
Co-Pay or Co-Insurance
Therapist - Client
One-on-One Care for the
Session With Your Chosen
The SLP May Work with Several Clients at One Time


You May Work with Different Therapists Each Session
Therapy Frequency
and Duration
Determined by You and Your Therapist May Be Defined by Insurance