Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Activities

Saint Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish and it is celebrated around the world. The day is full of all things green, four leaf clovers, leprechauns, and rainbows. Here at Enablr, we have created a list of fun Saint Patrick’s Day activities for the whole family that will promote your child’s fine and gross motor skills.

Don’t wait for the luck of the Irish! Let Enablr Therapy bring you luck and wellness on your journey to thrive!

Materials Needed:

Print out of the different clovers

Crayons or colored pencils


  1. Print out the clover worksheet with the eight different clovers.
  2. Color each of the clovers.

  3. Cut out each clover and place the clovers on the ground one to two feet apart.

  4. Perform each of the activities listed on the clovers.

  5. For added fun, place the clovers in a circle and play musical clovers. Walk around the circle as the music plays. Once the music stops, you perform the activity listed on the clover!

Materials Needed:

Construction paper (preferably the colors of the rainbow)

Cotton Balls




1. Cut one strip of each colored construction paper one inch wide from the shortest length.2. Get another piece of construction paper (color of your choice) to be the base.

3. Make a small bend on each end of the colored strips.

4. Glue the small bends to each side of the base with the middle in an arc like a rainbow.

5. Glue cotton balls on each side of every colored strip on the small bends.

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