Holiday Gift Giving Ideas From Enablr’s Expert Therapists

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Play is a major life activity for children of all ages that facilitates development of fine and gross motor skills, language development, social interaction, and cognitive skills.  When choosing gifts for your child(ren) this holiday season, select a variety of toys that build these foundational skills in fun and engaging ways.  

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Open-Ended toys remain superior for development especially in the areas of language, social interaction, and motor skills when compared to online games or electronics. Non-electronic toys tend to offer a larger variety of possible play schemes and social interaction with family and friends. Blocks, building sets, pretend play like dress up clothes and kitchen sets, arts and crafts kits, outdoor sports equipment, and books make great choices for children. Be sure to balance exposure to online and electronic games with more traditional toys and activities.  

Enablr Therapy has a team of expert speech pathologist, occupational and physical therapists. These experts have compiled a list of some favorite books, games, and toys for different age groups to help parents, grandparents, and friends with gift giving ideas. Many of the suggested items are available for less than $20 for budget conscious spending.

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