Platform Changing the Way Families Receive Care in Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy

First Mobile Therapy Platform Launched Serving Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

NASHVILLE, TENN. March 18, 2019—Enablr Therapy, Nashville’s first mobile therapy platform, has officially launched this week after more than two years in development. The platform serves both children and adults in need of speech, physical, and occupational therapy as well as academic tutoring services.

Founded by Project Play Therapy Co-founder and President Kyle Keene, Enablr Therapy was created to empower families and individuals with more choices when looking for a provider. The platform allows users to browse local therapists. Providing services when and where families need them most – saving time and allowing clients to meet with their providers in a natural environment.

“Life is busy. Families struggle to get to an appointment at a clinic across town given school, work, sibling schedules, and who knows what else! We are proud of the culture, expertise and love each one of our families get when they walk through our doors at Project Play and Franklin Speech, but the truth of the matter is that other families need more flexibility!”, Keene added.

Platform Features

The platform allows users to find quality therapists and tutors in their area in a matter of minutes. Profiles on the site allow users to view therapist pricing, education, experience, and certifications. Users can also read and provide reviews in real time. Thus adding a level of transparency that just doesn’t exist in traditional practices. If the therapist is the right fit – appointments can be booked with just a few clicks.

Enablr is giving therapists more options too. The platform allows professionals to set their own schedule, prices, and coverage area – to become the CEO of their very own practice.

“Enablr facilitates the scheduling, billing, and back office management so families and professionals can focus on what really matters”.

“It’s time to give our community more flexibility and advocate for effective, yet manageable, therapy options,” Keene proclaims. “Project Play has provided many families with the expertise and care needed, and Enablr is just the next (and even supplemental) option for our community.”

In celebration of its official launch, Enablr is offering a limited time $100 Amazon gift card for new users who try the service.

To learn more about Enablr Therapy, visit www.enablrtherapy.com or browse the platform’s mobile therapists to join the mobile therapy revolution.

About Enablr

Enablr Therapy is an online marketplace providing high-quality and convenient services to families in need of flexibility. Founded on the belief that everyone should have the tools available to actively live the best version of themselves. Enablr has reimagined occupational, physical, and speech therapy to make it as accessible as possible. Through forward thinking, technology and collaboration, therapy is available anytime and anywhere.

Contact us to learn more or browse our roster of therapists to book directly!

About Enablr Therapy
Enablr Therapy offers speech, occupational, and physical therapy to people of all ages and abilities through our school-based therapy services as well as cash-based services for individual clients. Individual clients can be seen through convenient online sessions in many states across the country.