No School Day, Snow Day Fun: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities For Kids

snow day activities

School snow days and holiday breaks offer great opportunities for families to try special activities. To encourage family fun while promoting sensory and fine motor skills, Enablr Therapy is sharing two snow day activities for kids of all ages.

Snowman Puffy Paint Picture or Card

Materials Needed:

Shaving Cream



Bowl and Spoon or Paint Brush

Crayon or Marker

Buttons, Paper, Felt or Fabric, Ribbon, Sticks to Make Snowman Features


I. Gather materials.










2. In a bowl, mix 1 part glue & 1 part shaving cream.










3. If the child needs some structure in forming a snowman, have them trace different size circles to give a guideline. Older children will not need to do this step. Using your fingers, put the shaving cream mixture on the paper, moving in a circular motion. If a child is sensory sensitive, they can use a spoon, paint brush, or gloves.






4. Add buttons, paper, felt or fabric, ribbon, sticks to make the snowman features.  Be creative!! Then, let the snowman dry!


Variation: For young children, allow them to paint anywhere on the paper (it doesn’t have to be in circles) and then randomly add the snowman parts.  This will make a “melted snowman” instead.

Q-Tip Snowflakes for Pictures, Cards, or Ornaments

Materials Needed:





Optional: Glitter and String

1. Gather materials.




2. Break Q-Tips into different Sizes. Be sure to use your fingertips!





3. Make lines with glue on paper in the shape of a snowflake.  For younger children, you might need to draw some lines for the child to trace with the glue. Place the Q-Tips on the glue lines.

Optional: Add glue and glitter to the tops of Q-tips.






4. Allow the glue to dry completely.  Cut around the edges of the Q-Tips. For younger children, cut a basic circle. Older children can cut the outline of the snowflake.  If desired, add a string to hang.

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