Preparing For Your Appointment With Enablr Therapy

PT Appointments

Did you know that therapy can be done almost anywhere? At home, at daycare, at work or the gym, at the park, at Grandma’s, no problem!  At Enablr Therapy, you can schedule a live video or, in some select cities, in-person appointments and receive therapy in the setting where you are most comfortable. To help you prepare for a future appointment, we have compiled tips for both our live video and in-person services.

On our website,, you can choose a therapist, pick a time that works best for you, and decide on in-person or live video sessions. After making these decisions, make the appropriate preparations to get the most out of your therapy. Enablr’s concierge team will reach out to you to gather important information about your needs and goals prior to your first session and are always happy to answer any questions.

In-Person Appointment:

Choose a Location for In-Office or In-Home Therapy

Our in-person appointments let you have your session anywhere! So, when scheduling your appointment, you will need to decide where you want to have it. This could be your house, office, gym, child’s daycare, or another location. However, you will want to make sure that the area allows your therapist to enter and provides the amount of space and privacy needed for the session. If it is too crowded or loud, you and your therapist might not be able to freely discuss your needs or complete the exercises and activities.

Prepare the Space for PT, OT, or ST

Once you have decided where your session will be held, ensure that the area is generally picked up, free of obstacles, and clean to provide a safe and distraction-free working space for you and your therapist. Also, if you have pets, we ask that you put them in a different area so as not to interrupt the session.  If your therapist has requested any materials for the session, please gather them in advance.

Teletherapy Session:

Choose a Location for Teletherapy

Similarly to in-person sessions, you will have to choose a location for your virtual appointment. When choosing your location, make sure:

  • It is private enough to communicate with your therapist easily without a lot of background noise
  • Has enough space for you to do any exercises or activities that your therapist may request
  • Is well lit
  • Has a good internet connection

It is important that you feel comfortable in the setting and your therapist will be able to clearly see you.

Preparing for Online Therapy

Since the appointment will be virtual, it is important to make sure your electronics are functioning properly. On the device you will be using, make sure the browser is up-to-date, has a functioning microphone and camera, and a solid internet connection. We use a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software through Zoom. Please download the Zoom application prior to your session. Also, check that your device is charged or you have a charger and outlet available in your chosen therapy area.

It could even be beneficial to have another person on standby during your therapy session to help make sure the camera is focused on you as you move. Your therapist may request some household materials be available for the session. Please gather those materials in advance and place them by your device so that they are easily accessible.

Teletherapy Link

At the time of your appointment, go to the Zoom link included in your appointment email reminders. This will start the video session.

If Your Child Is Receiving Pediatric Speech Therapy or Other Services

Parents, if your child is receiving therapy, here are a few tips for you. While it is required that a parent or guardian is present and available as needed during the therapy sessions, we also encourage and welcome parent participation. Parent involvement and communication is key for a child’s success. You can participate and gain first-hand knowledge that you can use outside of the appointment.

If you have other children, it may be helpful to have alternative activities for them while your child completes therapy. However, there could be times when your therapist welcomes and wants the siblings to be involved! For instance, when working on play or social skills, the child and their siblings may play a game together as the therapist facilitates the activity. We don’t want you to feel obligated to find child care. That is part of the benefits of Enablr’s live video and in-person therapy! Talk with your therapist if you have questions or concerns about sibling involvement.

Lastly, once you have established your therapy location, make sure to remove any unnecessary distractions and try to stay consistent. Creating a set schedule and developing a routine for your child will be beneficial in their adjustment.

There are benefits to receiving therapy in your own environment, whether through live video or in-person sessions. Doing so makes carrying over the therapeutic techniques into everyday life much easier. Since most of your session will be tailored to your environment, it should provide a lot of opportunity for growth and everyday implementation.

If you have questions or concerns about preparing for your Enablr Therapy appointment, please feel free to contact our concierge team at or call (615) 212-9090.

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